About the Foshee’s

The Foshee Family began developing the area around Lake Hamilton in the late 1950’s. Beginning with O.B. Foshee in an area south of Hot Springs now known as Red Oak or Farr Shores, the Foshee name began to make its mark. From there O.B. purchased and developed some lake property out 270 west just south of the “second” bridge, all the while maintaining his residence on main street behind a little known bar-b-que stand, later to become McClards.

At some point in the early 1960’s O.B.’s oldest son Wayne began serving Hot Springs, Garland County and eventually even the State of Arkansas. With over 500 houses in the county and several successful subdivisions, many families that bought homes from the Foshee’s some forty years ago, still enjoy those same homes, The road that began in the late fifties and early sixties as a history teacher in the Jesseville school system began drawing house plans and surveying on the side, wound up passing through the state capital as in 1971 Mr. Foshee was asked to serve as President of the State Home Builders Association. (Much to the shock of the “Mega Builders” in the Little Rock Area).

The rich tradition of integrity, speed and dependability without sacrificing quality that has been serving Arkansas for so long, continues as Wayne’s sons now branch out and begin their own legacy as the Foshee Brothers Land Surveying Co.

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